Treadmill Weather

I vaguely remember rolling over to check the weather on my Droid this morning around 6:00 a.m., contemplating running the Frost Bite 5K over in Acworth.  But with a racetime forceast of 16 degrees with a 4 degree wind chill, along with snow and ice covered roads, I quickly got over it.  “Frost bite,” indeed.  I applaud the few dozen who ran it; I’m sure there were some PRs set – for the coldest race.

Conditions were fine later that afternoon indoors on the treadmill at the Y: 70 degrees and calm.  And, of course, watching the televised Jackets victory over #5 Duke made it all the better.   Lawal’s game alone pushed me to run 6 miles at my 5K pace.  Maybe one day someone will host a January race indoors – with treadmills and Cardio Theatre.  Sign me up for that one!

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