The Mute Button

Today, Craig Mullins and others took Larry Ellison to task about his sweeping, unfounded claims about Oracle vs. DB2.  Ellison’s comments often invite easy parody (remember the “Fake Larry Ellison”s?).  Apart from that, such remarks aren’t valuable and can safely be ignored.

Both Oracle and DB2 are solid databases and the ongoing TPC-C competition is good for both products.  But stick to facts and evidence; this is not a topic for uninformed, biased opinions from 50,000 feet.  See Craig’s post for some facts.  And Craig refers to our friend, the Viewpointe national check image archive.

Larry did comment on something that he knows and does have direct control over.  Recent history and guidance aside, Ellison said that, rather than laying off any Sun employees, he will be hiring 2,000 more in the next few months.  Great news!  We’ll be watching.

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