Move it, Move it

Today I had to move a few dozen DB2 LUW databases from one Windows system to another. I’ve been down this road before, and I always script the process, but this time I initially left out tablespaces. Bummer, the downside of writing db2look commands from memory.

So that I don’t get fooled again, I’m posting my simple scripts which were inspired by this venerable article.

Export from source machine – Use list db directory to generate a master script that calls this expdb.cmd for each database:

mkdir %1
cd %1
db2move %1 export > export-%1-db2move-output.txt 2>&1
db2look -d %1 -e -a -l -o db2look-%1.sql > export-%1-db2look-output.txt 2>&1
cd ..

Import into target machine – Use an equivalent master script to call this impdb.cmd:

cd %1
db2 create db %1 using codeset ibm-1252 territory us > import-%1-db2-create-output.txt 2>&1
db2 -tvf db2look-%1.sql > import-%1-db2-output.txt 2>&1
db2move %1 load > import-%1-db2move-output.txt 2>&1
cd ..
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