Daily Archives: November 16, 2010

Never Don’t Buy Version 4.0 of Anything

As I’ve mentioned before, TOAD is one of my regular tools for database work.  At least it used to be.

I’ve had to keep upgrading TOAD for DB2 to stay current with DB2 releases, but the 4.0 release is so buggy that it’s unusable.  The 4.7 Commercial Version has been out for awhile now, but there’s no sign of those fixes and enhancements coming to the freeware version anytime soon.  Folks have been asking in forums, but there’s no meaningful response.

It’s seems that since the TOAD first donned that Quest T-shirt, this formerly independent tool has become increasingly more constrained.  Ever more menu options are grayed out with the “(Commercial Feature)” taunt.  Simple things that worked in prior releases are broken in the 4.0 freeware versions.  Perhaps they work just fine in the paid commercial version.

I’ve purchased Quest tools in the past, so cost isn’t the issue: availability is.  TOAD is one of those tools that I’ve frequently recommended largely because it was just one free download away.  If freedom and ubiquity weren’t so very important, we might all be coding in CFScript.

Quest is a great company, but TOAD has not done well lately under its ownership (don’t get me started on the lack of a *ix version).  I only wish there was a TOra for DB2.

This happens with some companies that take over a free, independent, or open source project: they take it in under their wing, lock it down, and look for improper ways to capitalize on it.  It can make money in the short run, but let’s be up front about it: state your intentions and either spin off a community version or kill off the freeware version altogether.  This “slippery slope” behavior is right down there with snake oil salesman and Oracle.