Monthly Archives: April 2015

JavaScript Tools

bracketsOne of my current projects is a single-page responsive app with several JavaScript / HTML5 frameworks: AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Underscore, RequireJS, etc. These are awesome, but my usual server-side editors (Eclipse, IntelliJ, Vim) are not a great fit.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many new web-dev editors are built in JavaScript. Here are two that I now use regularly and highly recommend:

  • This open-source editor is still being cooked by Adobe, but it’s already awesome. It’s fast and featured, with some good extensions like Vim bindings.
  • Yes, Visio is terrible and getting worse, as are many “enterprise architect” drawing tools. Meanwhile, the web-based is free, lightweight, easy to use, and often exactly what you need.

Perhaps if it ends with “io,” it must be good.

Please Just Work

Apple Cracked LogoLet me add my voice to the chorus of those calling on Apple to refocus on software quality. Today’s surprise was that Xcode now breaks IPA packaging in the silliest way possible. Sure, it’s a quick work-around to unzip, repair, and re-zip an IPA, but, please, stop the regression. I’m at the point that I wince at every new (frequent) fix update. The rush to innovate is great, but let’s not do it at the expense of “It Just Works.”