Daily Archives: April 25, 2015

JavaScript Tools

bracketsOne of my current projects is a single-page responsive app with several JavaScript / HTML5 frameworks: AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Underscore, RequireJS, etc. These are awesome, but my usual server-side editors (Eclipse, IntelliJ, Vim) are not a great fit.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many new web-dev editors are built in JavaScript. Here are two that I now use regularly and highly recommend:

  • Brackets.io. This open-source editor is still being cooked by Adobe, but it’s already awesome. It’s fast and featured, with some good extensions like Vim bindings.
  • Draw.io. Yes, Visio is terrible and getting worse, as are many “enterprise architect” drawing tools. Meanwhile, the web-based draw.io is free, lightweight, easy to use, and often exactly what you need.

Perhaps if it ends with “io,” it must be good.