Here are "game bot" solutions from Friday Fragments.

The most interesting ones are the "man vs. machine" versions of Reversi: Server (PHP) or AJAX (Javascript).

Game Blog Posts Bot Web Service and Source Control/Scoring Code and Source Play Along Code and Source
Rock, Paper, Scissors Oct 15, 2010, Oct 29, 2010 rps (rps source) scorerps (scorerps source)  
Tic, Tac, Toe Nov 5, 2010, Nov 12, 2010,
Dec 10, 2010
tictactoe (tictactoe source) scorettt (scorettt source) playttt (playttt source)
Reversi Nov 19, 2010, Nov 26, 2010,
Dec 17, 2010, Dec 24, 2010
reversi (reversi source) scorereversi (scorereversi source,
reversimove source)
playreversi (playreversi source)
reversiajax (reversiajax.js source,
reversiajax.php source)