Whenever I serve as coach or team manager, I find it helpful to send out text messages for quick, last minute updates or reminders. To do this, I create email distribution lists with addresses based on the SMS gateways that each carrier supports (for example, Verizon’s is  Each new season brings new cell phone numbers that must be converted to email addresses.

The only challenge is determining which carrier “owns” a given cell phone number.  I’ve used the brute-force approach of trying all carriers for each number, but it’s much better to nail down the right one to begin with.  At times, I’ve asked folks to tell me their carriers, but that’s somewhat a pain.  Lately, I’ve relied on web sites like to do the lookup for me.  Due to local number portability (LNP) and carrier changes, this is imperfect, but it’s close enough, and the rejected emails can be tweaked as needed.

I wrote a quick front-end to Fone Finder to convert a batch of phone numbers.  If you’re interested, check it out.  Due to the large number of crawlers and form spammers that hit this blog site, I’ll probably disable it soon, but feel free to grab the source code and run it yourself.

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